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I recently discovered that my public library system in Indianapolis is now using a service called OverDrive to distribute digital audio books (as are many other libraries).  After downloading a small Media Console you log onto your local library page and search for books.  Some are available immediately and some you can add to your queue and receive when it’s available. 


The console is clean and self explanatory.  Books are downloaded in parts and stored on your machine.  I chose to store the files on my home server which can be selected in the preferences.  From the console, you can transfer the books to your portable audio device (a Zune in my case).  Some titles can even be burned to CD from the console.


As you can see, I checked out a copy of The Call of the Wild by Jack London and was able to transfer it in under a minute.  I synced my Zune and was off on my bike ride to work listening to a great audio book.  I have 3 weeks to listen to it before I have to renew the item with my library. 

I listen to several podcasts that have as an advertiser.  I tried it once as a promotion, but didn’t want to pay for a long term subscription.  OverDrive is a fantastic FREE alternative that may not have the same selection of books, but will certainly keep me occupied for quite some time.    


Posted July 7, 2009 by chrislux in Technology

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