Going back to Vista Media Center for the Time Being   Leave a comment

After using Windows 7 media center exclusively for the last month, I have decided to return to Vista for the time being. Windows 7 beta Media Center just is not stable enough for me yet. Here are some of the problems that forced my hand.

1) 50% of scheduled recording failed. I have a Hauppauge HVR 1800 that doesn’t seem to have drivers to allow it to function properly in Windows 7 64bit Media Center yet.
2) Music and Picture library are SLOW – they have to search for each and every file every time I reboot or even just leave the music library. Very frustrating.
3) Sometimes, the programming guide causes media center to crash.
4) I can’t get the machine to wake from sleep in media center mode reliably.

I know this is a beta and I will return to it from time to time to see if the performance returns. I also know that some of these are known problems that may have solutions if I looked hard enough, but I’m not willing to let it use up my time right now.

UPDATE: I almost forgot my frustrations with the Movie Library.  I love that they’re adding it to the standard start menu, but I find it less than stable.

1) Stopping a DVD (in a video_ts) folder locks up media center.
2) Movies will not stream to my extender.  Apparently this is by design, but what a strange limitation!


Posted March 2, 2009 by chrislux in Technology

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